coach Biographies



Jeffrey Armbruster has over twelve years of experience providing customized training, coaching, and consulting services to a wide range of clients in government, the private sector, research institutes, academia, and not-for-profit organizations. Jeff focuses on improving leadership, executive and management skills, and teamwork effectiveness. He has experience with a wide range of 360 instruments, including the original and updated OPM Leadership 360, the PaceSetter 360, and Leadership Effectiveness Inventory (LEI).  He assists a wide range of teams, including senior management and cross-functional teams, to achieve improved results through high-performance teamwork.  In addition, Mr. Armbruster designs and delivers specialized leadership development programs for executives and aspiring leaders, with a specialty in and passion for principle-centered leadership that is service oriented, and provides training on the power of high-quality relationships to achieve productivity in the work place through enhanced levels of emotional intelligence. He also guides complex strategic planning processes.  

Mr. Armbruster retired from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) as a member of the Senior Executive Service, with more than 37 years of federal service.  During his government career he spent 15 years in hydrologic research and 20 years managing scientific research programs, and during that time authored more than 25 scientific publications.  During his final 2 years with USGS he was a member of the USGS’s Executive Leadership Team and chief ‘people advisor’ to the Director of USGS. Before retiring, he designed and implemented the USGS’s first leadership development program; oversaw the redesign of their supervisory and management programs and implementation of an agency-wide mentoring program; and served as in internal consultant helping dozens of management, scientific, and cross-functional teams improve their effectiveness.

Jeff is an executive coach for the Department of Defense and Federal Executive Institute’s Center for Executive Leadership Coaching Pool, and coaches graduates of the Leadership for a Democratic Society, using both generations of OPM’s Leadership 360 tool. 



Pamela Cournoyer, an experienced communication consultant, conflict resolution facilitator, corporate speaker, executive coach, interpersonal skills expert and DiSC® practitioner, has been providing these services since 2004. Her influence is particularly valuable within group settings. She has been called on to provide in-depth consulting and problem-solving expertise, and she specializes in challenging workplace situations. Her talents in conducting effective organizational conflict interventions have provided measurable and lasting results and she has been instrumental in turning organizations from negative, hostile environments to constructive and empowered partnerships between leadership and employees.

Ms. Cournoyer holds five Master Trainer-of-Trainer certifications, and is a Reiki Master, Peace Process Master, Instant Miracle Practitioner, and Extraordinary Coach (one of only 25 certified “EOX-Coaches” in the world). She has successfully completed 40-hours of mediation training. Pamela teaches executives and managers how to work through conflict, and improves their communication skills. Her additional specialties include Business Relationships, Teaching Managers to Coach, Conflict Resolution, Presentation Coaching, Meeting Management, DiSC® Assessments, 360 reviews and personality profiles. She is astute at uncovering the underlying causes of workplace communication concerns, transforming work cultures to become more cohesive and productive, intervening effectively, and taking the sting out of difficult conversations.



Cindy Howes is a transformational talent manager with expertise in making companies and individuals prosper. She is highly adept at boosting productivity through agile management practices, global team development and innovative employee engagement.  As a proactive leader, she impacted the growth and expansion of internationally-recognized companies in pharmaceuticals, financial services and utilities.

Ms. Howes has trained and coached employees at all levels in leadership development, team management, accountability, process improvement, diversity, and change management. She has over 19 years experience and has designed and facilitated leadership programs for senior managers; eight-week immersion programs for first-level supervisors; performance management and career development programs for 12,000 employees; leadership assessments and training for 140 managers; and professional training programs in development planning, time management and goal setting. She also designed customer service training, leadership models, competencies, and facilitation training. In addition Ms. Howes is an Assistant Professor for the Organizational Development and Leadership Graduate Program at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine where she teaches courses in Personal and Professional Development, Ethical Effectiveness and Capstone Project Advising.



Gail Mason has over 24 years of comprehensive experience in organizational development, coaching, and training. She is recognized as a highly effective motivator of individual and groups, and specialties include design and delivery of creative programs for leadership and team development. Gail has spearheaded and implemented assimilation coaching programs to facilitate a leader’s rapid and successful integration into a new organization; developed and presented programs focused on strategies for successful transition and change, including corporate restructure and relocation; and provided executive coaching to senior leaders in the private and non-profit sectors. She created and delivered an on-line webinar series to improve communication styles and increase effectiveness for high-potential employees; created and used web-based surveys as metrics to track progress against development plans in on-going coaching programs; designed and delivered workshops on goal-based utilization of social media; and integrated surveys, interviews, assessments and coaching in conflict resolution and coaching processes used at all organizational levels. Her team-building efforts include the creation of custom, outcome-driven, team-building programs, including workshops focused on awareness, effectiveness and communication style.

Ms. Mason is a Myers-Briggs Master Practitioner and uses the MBTI tool to identify personality types to gauge how individuals perceive the world and make decisions. She uses personality assessments to establish a base self-awareness to begin the journey into emotional intelligence. Gail also uses assessments such as the Hogan Leadership Forecast Series to identify behaviors that predict success for future leaders; Strategic Leadership Development (LEA 360) to utilize input from bosses, peers and direct reports to measure leadership effectiveness; and the Zenger/Folkman Extraordinary Leader 360 instrument that facilitates a strengths-based leadership development approach. 



With more than 32 years experience in law enforcement and emergency services Robert Morris delivers a unique perspective on leadership, ethics, and the concepts of thinking and leading outside the box. Bob’s unwavering commitment to establishing and maintaining high ethical standards is the foundation upon which all else is constructed.  His history of developing cutting-edge employee selection & retention standards is intricately balanced with his commitment of ensuring his team-members maintain a total sense of ownership of, and control in, their professional development and personal growth.

A proven leader, for 16 years Bob led the Training and Education Unit for a state-level agency and was responsible for tracking, training, and certifying more than 17,000 criminal justice professionals representing local, county, state, and federal constituencies statewide.  Bob was later recruited to develop, implement and manage a training and education program to serve more than 1.3 M criminal justice practitioners in North America. Bob has earned a nationwide reputation for excellence and innovation in curriculum and program design, development, and operation and is frequently called upon for advice by governmental agencies and private organizations alike. For the past 25 years Bob has successfully designed, produced, and orchestrated leadership, emergency services, and public safety training conferences, workshops, and community service oriented projects.  An accomplished presenter, past participants describe Bob’s style as engaging, entertaining, easy to understand, and charismatic.  Proficient at curriculum design and development, his material has a reputation for validity, professionalism, clarity, and completeness.



Known for going above and beyond, Betsy Sexton is a skilled facilitator with personal experience in organizational leadership. She spent ten years in corporate America leading teams of four to forty members serving major international companies. During her corporate tenure, Betsy was the main point of contact for her executive clients, responsible for delivering their message to their employees as well as her teams. This unique position enabled Betsy to identify patterns in the leader to employee communications that are spot on indicators of an organization’s financial health, employee engagement and client satisfaction. Driven by this information Betsy stepped out of the big business world to develop that concept. She quickly found a new direction coaching top players in the corporate game including leaders at well-known, multinational organizations. Fascinated by the leader/employee dynamic, Betsy spent the last four years sharpening her own knowledge and skills by attending numerous seminars and devouring countless books on diverse aspects of leadership. From the data collected, Betsy devised Energetic Organizational Design, a method of leader development based on the fundamental qualities of its components, which include people, mission, clients, culture, etc. It is a form of “intelligent design” utilizing theories of quantum physics to promote conscious enterprise.

Betsy’s skills include expertise in the areas of Energetic Organizational Design, Vision Creation, Team Motivation, Conscious Leadership, Employee Engagement, Strategic Design Planning, Optimization of Environments, and Brand Creation. Betsy is also a member of the Association for Women in Science, International Association of Health Coaches, Professional Coaches Association and National Association of Professional Women.



Sandy Sharp loves sports, and her association with sports guided her to a career choice as a coach. Since playing basketball at the University of Missouri, she spent nearly two decades in the television industry as an award winning sports broadcaster. Her broadcast career gave her an insider's perspective on how to communicate effectively with charisma, clarity and conviction, and provided valuable insight on what it takes for teams and individuals to perform at a high level. Ms. Sharp has logged more than 1000 client hours during a decade of coaching experience. She teaches clients how to communicate effectively, manage and lead millennials, develop professionally and in life skills, manage diversity, and deal successfully with the media. She focuses on core strengths, and identifies and coaches areas for improvement to help her clients reach their personal and organizational goals.

Ms. Sharp often uses a top-down approach to establish goals and objectives for organizations and groups, using MindTools® as a goal-setting tool for leadership, strategy and decision skills, and problem solving. For individuals, she creates a thought-provoking process with the end goal of self-discovery and realized goals. Sandy likes to use Bradberry and Greaves book, EQ 2.0, as a reading assignment for clients to focus on the four emotional intelligence core values (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management) to help clients achieve their goals. Additional tools used include the MBTI tool to identify personality types to gauge how individuals perceive the world and make decisions; Lyubomirsky’s Subjective Happiness Scale to measure individual levels of emotional intelligence; Personal Directions assessment tool, including a Team Performance Indicator and Sandy’s personally-designed Acute Accountability System, to explore motivations and subsequent choices, and inculcate a culture of accountability.



Susan Strauss made a commitment to help people realize their dreams – a thread that runs throughout her life and career and is reflected in the work she has done as a life coach, a therapist, and in many civic activities. She has spent thirteen years as a life coach and earned her PCC certification from ICF and BCC from CCE. She also completed two ICF-accredited coaching programs – Institute for Life Coach Training and Falling Awake Life Coaching.

Ms. Strauss is currently a faculty member at the Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT), a leading international provider of coach training with strong roots in the social sciences. The Institute was awarded the Accredited Coach Training Program [ACTP] designation by the International Coach Federation. Susie teaches the Foundational Course and Coach Approach Course which present the fundamental skills and tools of life coaching, as well as four other elective courses to students from all backgrounds. The Foundational and Coach Approach Courses cover fundamental coaching skills and strategies such as the coaching alliance, components of the coaching conversation, and coaching presence; ethical and professional practice; screening and orientation; interventions for individuals, businesses and organizations; coaching via distance technologies; development of decision making skills; assisting clients in role transitions; use of resources in coaching; and coaching standards of practice.

Susie uses the People Map assessment, along with auxiliary People Map assessment tools to assist her clients in recruitment, retention, training and development. She provides workshops and training on Falling Awake: Creating the Life of Your Dreams Success Strategies and life strategies. In addition, she presents workshops on coaching principles, entitled Life by Design; and facilitates strategic planning sessions.