individual and team coaching

L2NL has a highly experienced group of professional coaches with broad expertise in many leadership and management specialty areas; associated concepts from these specialties are carefully integrated into their coaching. L2NL’s highly qualified coaches hold numerous certifications from various certifying organizations, providing a diverse and multi-faceted coach pool. Many of the coaches have multiple certifications from certifying organizations including the International Coach Federation (ICF), International Coaching Community (ICC International), and Coach Training Alliance (CTA).

L2NL coaches also use many methods and techniques in their coaching that optimize and clarify the communication between the coach and the coachee, and add to the effectiveness of the coaching effort. Examples of these methods and techniques are:

  • Appreciative Inquiry (AI)
  • Action Learning
  • Pedagogical Approach
  • Visioning®
  • Guided Imagery (GI)
  • Shadow Coaching®
  • Feedback
  • Perspective Taking Technique
  • Journaling
  • Peer
  • Transactional Analysis